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NZStag is operated by Steve Crowe and Gareth Butcher. This is us below looking mighty sharp.

When we started we had another guy as well called Henry Luk. But we fired him after 12 months for being too Asian. He still owns some of our business though.

                NZStag Owners - Gareth Butcher and Steve Crowe
                           Gareth               Steve
NZStag is 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated


How did NZStag start?


I was asked to the Best Man for my mate Dion. At the time I was living in the UK, and I found it a pain in the butt trying to organise a New Zealand stag do from the other side of the world.

On top of that I had to write a best man speech and deliver it in front of all my mates. I'd never even been to a wedding before, and I hadn't delivered a speech in years, so the whole thing was a bit daunting.

I found some UK websites to look at for info, but there was nothing dedicated for kiwi blokes and ideas specifically for New Zealand. I got through it all in the end (just), and after that decided to set up a website dedicated to helping the best man organise the stag night and write/deliver the best man speech.

Steve told me he wanted to make it easier for the best man to organise the stag do and write his best man speech. I liked the idea as I had been to a few disappointing stag nights, and had also witnessed more than one best man lose his way at the wedding reception while delivering his speech. I was keen as to get involved in this fun business idea and to give kiwi blokes a helping hand.


Enter NZStag in 2006

So we launched at Big Boys Toys in Auckland with great success and enthusiasm.

Since then we've helped lots of kiwis (and non-kiwis) organise great stag nights and write best man speeches. We're a a 'one-stop best man shop' for the person who's been tasked with organising a fun and memorable occasion for the stag and his good mates.

There's plenty of additional information on this site just for the best man - to help calm his nerves on the big day and deliver a cracker best man speech. You can even buy some proven best man speeches here on our website to save you time, worry and hassle.

And because we are such nice guys, we also wanted to help out New Zealand businesses. We know our website ranks higher than lots of small business websites, plus we are targeting a specific niche market.

So we provide the opportunity for businesses anywhere in New Zealand to advertise their services in the stag party directory as well as in email newsletters. Listing in the directory and advertising in our monthly email newsletters provides the opportunity for businesses to gain increased exposure by leveraging off NZStag's number one google ranking, high website traffic and large marketing database, resulting in hot leads and additional sales opportunities. 

Drop us a line ...

If you have any questions about NZStag or have a business that you think could work well with NZStag, then please contact us >

Have a great stag do and good luck with your best man speech!

Steve and Gareth
NZStag - 'Best Man's, Best Mate'  


Some photos

We thought you might like to see a few photos of us doing lots of different stuff around the place ... click on the image to make it bigger and read the caption.



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