How much does it cost?
The Classic NZSTAG Night is only $25 per person.

What does The Classic NZStag Night include?
  1. Special NZStag voucher books with special drink, food and entry deals for everyone in the group. Value of deals exceeds well over $25 pp
  2. The Stag Bag with all the contents required for a successful stag night.
  3. Notification to all bars/pubs and the stripb club that you have booked with NZStag (they are expecting you).
  4. Map with directions and details for the crawl.
How do we pay?
We require a $25 deposit which you pay when you make the booking. You must then pay the remainder that is owed at least 5 days before the stag night to receieve your courier pack.

When do I receive the Pack with all the details?
Once we have received final payment we will courier this to you.

Does each person get their own voucher book?

How do I redeem the vouchers?
You hand each voucher to the bars, or upon entry at the stripclub. They will take them off you in return for the deal listed on the voucher.

Are there minimum numbers?
Yes, the minimum you must pay is for 10 people. If less show up on the night however that is no problem

How many pubs etc are included?
5, plus one stripclub.

What pubs do we crawl?
Currently they are The Bluestone Room, O'Carrolls, Globe Bar, Havana Club, and Provedor. You also get discounted entry into Showgirls Strip Club.

How long does it go for?
As long as you want. But remember that it is best to keep the momentum going the whole time, so do not hang around one bar too long.

How do we get to the first pub?
We can organise transport for you to get to the first pub from anywhere in Auckland, at additional cost.

What time does it start?
Anytime you want, but generally from about 6pm onwards. You will also need to consider if you are having a meal somewhere.

Are we guaranteed entry to everything?
We notify everyone that you have booked with NZStag so they will be expecting you. If you are intoxicated however or your behaviour is unacceptable, then it will be up to the discretion of the establishment whether you will be allowed entry or will be asked to leave. This is no different to any other night you go out.




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