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Stag Do Jokes and Pranks

A stag party is a free license to embarrass one of your best mates before he ties the knot. The groom and all the staggers are expecting you to organise some pranks and play a few jokes on the stag to embarrass him (generally in public) - so don't let them down!

Make a bit of effort, and don't leave it to the last minute or it will end up in the "too hard" basket.

To save you time and to get you thinking along the right track, we've put together some popular prank and stag night tasks to help get you started.


Stag Night Pranks & Embarrasing Tasks


Nice and Harmless:

These are pretty light-weight pranks, however some stags can't handle anything more than this, so at least you've made them do something stupid...

Get a Stag Party T-shirt made with tasks checklist on it for the stag of things to do. Make him wear it to loads of pubs and do EVERYTHING on the list!  
NZStag's Stag Party Checklist T-Shirt >

Stag Party Tasks T-Shirt

Some other task ideas are:

  • Get the stag to use an embarrasing chat up line on a bunch of different women
  • Make him hop around the pub on one foot
  • Make the stag wear pants on the outside of his trousers
  • The stag must wear shoes on his hands for half and hour and clap to music
  • The stag must tell everyone he meets he is Michael Jackson and then immediately launch into a moon walk 
  • Preach on a busy street corner for 15 minutes
  • Make the stag talk to a girl for three minutes and pretend he is American. He has to finish each sentence with “dude” and say “fantastic” at least ten times
  • Wait until you all get home and then glad wrap him to the bed.


Much Improved:

You’re now starting to think like a true best man. If the bride finds out she'll probably hate your guts for a long time.

Dress the Stag up in Theme

Some examples: Borat Mankini, Gimp Stag, Elvis, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Mexican, Indian, Osama, Cowboy, Roman, Viking, Hippee ...

stag slave gimp outfitstag slave gimp outfitstag slave gimp outfit

Dress him up as an animal and make him make animal noises
e.g. dress him up as a chicken and make him squawk out loud every half hour and make him answer to “Chookie”, or a pig and make him crawl around on his hands and knees and answer to “Pig Boy” , or a donkey in a lycra suit and have him answer to "jackass".

Have a hot stripper blind fold the stag in a chair, and give him a little dance, then have her get up and have a fat stripper give him the rest of the dance. Then take the blindfold off.

Put a dog collar around the stag’s neck, make him get onto all four’s and run about the pub barking like a dog.

Attach a ball and chain (symbolic) to the stag’s ankle with a combination lock to secure it. He has to drag it around for the whole stag night. Give him the combination the next day.

Blast the stag with a high pressure fire hose.

Leave him with a harmonica or guitar, make him busk outside a busy pub dressed in drag

Stag party prank



Execution of the following examples demonstrates that you clearly have the stag’s interests at heart and are a true best man. Well done. 

Make him special brownies with laxatives

Spike the stag’s drink with viagra and make him wear tight pants

Shave the stag’s eyebrows off once he has passed out (we know it's old and it's bad taste, but it's still funny).

Superglue his hands to his head while he is asleep

Make him walk through a ladies lawns bowling club dressed in a g-string

Play paintball, dress the stag up as a rabbit or in a fluro vest, make him run the gauntlet 

Stag party paintball

Get 5 girls each to place a waxing strip on the inside of each thigh and remove in public

If travelling overseas, take a legal, but very embarrassing item like a strap-on dildo back through customs and make him declare it 

Take the stag to a strip club, pay the strippers to humiliate him on stage in front of everyone with plenty of painful bondage

Hire a caged trailor, put the stag inside wearing nothing but a pair of giant nappies and drive him around a busy town centre. 

Strap him to car and take him through a drive-though car wash 

Chain the stag up and leave him stranded in a town with just enough money to get home. Follow him secretly with a video camera (to watch him ponder on what to do and to make sure he is okay)

Stag party joke

And You Can't Go Past the Old Classic ...

“Let’s strip Gavo down to his undies & handcuff him to a lamp post, cover him in honey, throw feathers at him and leave him there for a few hours"



Got a pretty seriously awesome stag party prank you want to share with NZStag? Send it through it would be great to hear about it. 

Send us your stag party prank story >

And if it's really up there then we'll put it up on this website page and send you a prize pack from one of our sponsors.




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