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November '06
Gollum Stag, proud as punch with his stag outfit graced the cricket pitch in front of all staggers. Seen here between overs with a highlander, clearly at ease in his weekend attire.

    Mexican Stag with Rotovagus Locals  

December '06 
Mexican Stag, sausaged between two local Rotovagus fans at a local nightclub. Mexican Stag had his jumping beans confiscated later that evening and was last seen circling a busy roundabout shooting aimlessly at oncoming traffic.


January '07
Schmoopy Stag - seen here in preparation for his weekend of torchure at the McKenzie bach. Rumours have it the Sounds Yeti had his way with the Stag after all the staggers had crashed out. Will the truth ever be revealed? Is David Bain innocent? Did Dunedin Police frame the Sounds Yeti? 

 Poker Stag Attacks Fake Cow


February '07
Humping fake cows was the call of the night as this young stag made his way towards the strip club. If the cops are into beastiality then there is clearly nothing wrong with a bit of animal on your stag night.


March '07
The staggers had no choice but to teach this non-conforming stag a lesson. Seen here clearly in breach of stag policy by resisting the inevitable. Take it like a stag!!

Throbin Stag  

April '07
Throbin Stag demonstrates his versatility with the cape as he strolls down the Auckland viaduct in hot pursuit of the Joker's mistresses.

Lippy Stag - June 2007's Stag of the Month


May '07
Congratulations to Lippy Stag - NZStag's "Stag of the Month" for June. Lippy impressed the judges with his uncanny ability to show no major side effects from over 20 hours of consistent alcohol consumption, including repeated yardies and jug skulls. He was also able to rescue himself after falling off a 20 foot launch in the middle of Lake Taupo, gaining extra special points with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

The Kawau Kid

June '07
Congratulations to Mr "Kawau Kid". Here he can be seen posing for the camera while being attacked by his best man. This is advanced multi-tasking not seen in most stags, hence Mr Kid was a clear winner this month.

John Key National 'Stag' Party Leader

July '07
John Key, the leader of the National 'Stag' Party, is our first winner from within political circles. His regular visits to strip clubs since the early 70's demonstrates his committment to National 'Stag' Party policies. Congrats to John, you've definitely got our vote!

August '07
Roger Farrelly, the once respected DJ host on the Morning Rumble is seen here in his pink dress and blonde pigtails posing for his Mum just moments before the infamous stag paintball hunt. Congrats Rog, you were a clear winner this month!

Classic Stag Party Prank
This Could Be
YOUR Stag !!

  September '07


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