Classic NZStag Night - Terms and Conditions

A $25 inc GST non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking.
Final payment is due in full no later than 5 days before the event. Payment can be made online through Paymate or via direct credit to the nominated NZStag bank account.
If a cancellation occurs before 5 days before the stag night, it is at the full discretion of NZStag whether or not any deposit is returned. 
If a cancellation occurs less than 5 days before the stag night, NZStag is not bound to returning any payment. It is at the full discretion of NZStag as to whether any payment is returned.
All of the Pubs on the Crawl require that all stag party members meet standard dress codes to gain entry (other than the stag of course). They also reserve the right to refuse entry to stag party members who are deemed too intoxicated.

Venues may deny entry to those who are obviously intoxicated or do not meet dress standards. Smart, casual dress is strongly recommended. 
NZStag will not be liable for transport costs.
The Classic NZStag Night is current only available in Auckland, New Zealand.
No responsibility will be taken by company for any loss to clients, or for missing any bookings etc.

NZStag reserves the right to cancel or alter any pub crawl as deemed necessary. Itineraries are intended as a guide only. Alterations may come about due to venue restriction on the night, venues having any difficulty any time, safety reasons, or any other appropriate reason.
Any additional expenses on the night are not NZStag’s responsibility.
Freebies or special offers from venues are complimentary and subject to change, and are offered by venues to NZStag, which we pass on to our clients.
We cannot guarantee venues staff decision and actions on the night, and although all care is taken to book our patrons at the venue, final entry and serving discretion is the venues and their staff. 

Pub Crawls are inclusive of what is specifically stated only. 

Prices are fully inclusive of GST.



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