Client Testimonials

Here are just a few reactions from some of our clients (lots of "best men") who have purchased the Best Man Speech eBook and used it as the basis of their best man speech at the wedding reception.  

When you read them, you will find that most of them are strong statements and right to the point. That's because NZStag keep it simple - we are here to make the best man's job easier.

Download the eBook and five minutes later you can start using our pre-written best man speeches to write your own speech and start ticking off the golden rules!


I was asked to be the best man and had not done it before. Yeah sure I had been to a few weddings and watched other speeches, but when you are suddenly the one responsible it's a lot different and I was a little bit worried about it (and wished I had paid a bit more attention to other best man speeches I had witnessed).

So I searched on the web and came across NZStag. It was a cool site with lots of helpful stuff but I was not too sure about spending money on buying their speech ebook. I have downloaded other ebooks before and they have been rubbish and not useful at all, so I only signed up for their enews and left it at that.   

Over the next month I received an email or 2 from NZStag which were useful for helping me organise the stag do. I had not done anything more about the speech so I went back to take a look again and decided to spend the $15 for the speeches.

I was pleasantly surprised. The speeches were funny, easy to read and provided me with a great foundation for my speech. I used bits from each of them with a bit of my own stuff and an hour or so later I practically had it sorted! It saved me lots of time, and the boys at NZStag had obviously put some time and thought into what's required.

There's no waffle, they are a good length and everyone at the wedding commented how good my speech was. I got lots of laughs and ticked off all the formalities. Before the speech I had confidence that I had not missed anything in my speech and had all the bases covered.

So cheers NZStag for helping me out, much appreciated. 

Dan Knox, Best Man, Auckland, New Zealand


I’m congratulating myself on buying the best man speech ebook. Easy to use, lots of humour and not full of boring formal stuff. I did wonder initially if it was worth the money and I was proved to be right - it was! That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?”

Rob Purdy, Best Man, Auckland, New Zealand 


I am inherently lazy, always have been so I checked out a whole bunch of best man type websites on google as I wanted to get ideas on the speech I had to do. All the free stuff was useless to be honest. A kiwi mate of mine mentioned this New Zealand stag party website so I found it and bought the bestman speeches as I was running out of time (and was heading to Greece just before the wedding).

I hoped no other past best men at the wedding had bought these speeches beforehand as they might then realise I had used the NZStag ones and that I was a bit of a cop out, but I figured that 90% of speeches are pretty much the same and most people are pretty drunk by speech time anyway.

The speech went off, I was a hero and my mate was stoked with my speech. Saved me lots of hassle would definitely recommend these guys. The ebook is only a few bucks - great value. Cheers, PT.

Paul Turner, Best Man, London, UK



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