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“All I can say is that if ANYONE wants to have a kick arse Stag Party then definitely give NZStag a call! They were awesome and even though I was totally humiliated it was one of the best days of my life! Thanks to NZStag, MTV, AJHackett, Speight's and BodyRock for the good times!!"
Warren the Stag, March 2007

“Thanks to Steve and the crew for organising my best mates Stag. Without their help I would never have pulled it together in time. From golf in the morning to the girls in the evening the day went without a hitch. I would thoroughly recommend using NZStag to plan your mates do – Jeff had a great time and I am sure your Stag will too”.
Rob Purdy, Best Man, March 2007

"NZStag is
a brilliant website and gave me some awesome ideas for the night. If it wasn't for your website we would have never thought of dressing the stag in drag, making him wear a sequenced g-string and getting him 'branded' by the girls in town. I have recommended others to use NZStag to get the creative juices flowing and to find entertainment contents"

Ben Rice, Stagger, March 2007

"Thanks for
all the tips on the NZStag site - it’s an absolute ripper mate! Will be great for my best man speech. Thanks again!"
Damian Leuthard, Best Man, February 2007

will definitely come and see you at the Big Boys Toys Expo, might even get into the stag suit! I look forward to seeing what NZStag has to offer - I love it!!"
James Vernon, Stag, November 2006

 "Hi there, love your website - spot on champ!!”
Paul West, Best Man, January 2007

"I really enjoyed looking on your site and getting ideas for Bevan’s stag night"
Cara Holgate, Stagger, March 2007

"The Stag Party Organiser gave me all the contacts and ideas I needed to plan the Stag Party. It was all in one place which save me heaps of time.
Dion Mead, Best Man, January 2007

"Awesome help, made my job lots easier. I organised a Stag Party from London using the DIY Organiser. Recommend it to all Best Men out there!!"

Paxton Mckenzie, Best Man, March 2007

Cheers for helping me out with the stag night guys, made my job a hell of a lot easier! 
Jerms, Best Man, November 2007

 Winston From Tauranga

 “I no longer have to take my medication”

 Rodney From Epsom

 "I got everything out of my system, now I can be a good husband"




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