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Is pre-stag do banter important?

18th February 2009

I went to a stag do a few years ago in Akaroa (that's near Christchurch in the South Island of NZ) and it was poorly organised. The stag was one of my best mates, we had been on some good stag dos together previously and I knew he was waiting (and expecting) for something to happen.

Problem was half of us did not know eachother, the best man had not sent any emails out other than the address of the place, and we had no idea what was going on. It was a real let down and I knew my mate was disappointed.


Warming up the proceedings - so one of the best thing you can do as the stag night organiser is send regular updates through email leading up to the stag do. You'll find that as the stag do approaches everyone indulges in a bit of email banter - it's a good way to break the ice and put the wind up the groom!

When you all meet up everyone feels involved and like they know eachother a bit, and there's already some good material to talk about. This helps to break down any barriers and gets things off to a pretty good start.

Setting up the Stag!

18th January 2009

No doubt you've been out over the past few months of stag season and stumbled across a bunch of guys who have all been dressed in theme, or at least had one guy with them who looked like he'd seen better days, probably dressed in women's clothing or something totally ridiculous.

Embarrasing the stag - no stag night is really complete without some practical jokes at the groom's expense. Don't take things too far though (plaster cast is well and truly old school), but at the same time you should be making some effort so the groom is not let off too lightly. Trust us, he will be expecting a bit of humiliation and will actually be disappointed if you do not have anything up your sleeve.

Some ideas for embarrasing the stag can be found on this website: embarassing the stag >

Ridiculous clothing and rude props - charity shops are generally the best places to find a nasty floral dress and old tights. Joke shops are pretty good too and stock a whole bunch of amusing inflatable items. Yes they are immature, which is exactly what's required.

Stag Shop - if you are short on time and want to make sure you have all the bases covered then definitely take a look around our stag shop which includes everything you need for a successful stag do. Includes stag party t-shirts, the stag bag, the borat mankini suit, inflatable blowup sheep and more.

Best man speeches - long or short?

3rd January 2009

Well we hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. NZStag certainly did, we had a great company shin dig and let loose after a very successful year! We have been pretty busy over the last few weeks helping out best men with stag party preparations, both the last minute ones and those who are a bit more organised. 


Speech length
– we’ve had a few queries of the last few months about how long a best man speech should go for so we thought we'd talk about it here.

Depending on the formality of the wedding, most bestmanspeeches run for between 7 and 15 minutes. If there’s 1000’s on the guest list then you can make it a bit longer. If you’ve just got close family and a few friends then you probably want to make it shorter. A good idea is to check with the groom and the father of the bride about how long they plan to speak for. Your speech should be the longer of the three, but not by too much. It’s a fine line! Remember – you’re not the centre of attention, you’re communicating.

Proven Best Man Speeches - if you are short on time and need help with writing your speech, then you can purchase the NZStag Best Man Speeches eBook which has a bunch of pre-written best man speeches to use as the basis of your speech.


Accepting the best mans responsibilities

18th December 2008

When you get asked to be a best man it's a massive honour. You normally say yes without too much trouble, your ego's had a boost and your feeling prettty good.

A few days or even weeks later it suddenly dawns on you that you've taken on quite a few responsibilities. So you do a bit of research which confirms that indeed there's quite a bit to do.

As best man, your first responsibility will be to other people, not to yourself. 

You've also got to ensure that the stag party runs like clockwork and you that you give your mate the send off he deserves.

It will be your job to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the wedding day and that everyone has a day to remember. You'll be expected to deliver a cracker best man speech that makes everyone laugh and embarrasses the groom appropriately.

Plan to have as few outside committments as possible during the week or 2 before the wedding, because you'll certainly have some wedding committments.

You'll also have to deal with unexpected problems - that's part of your job as best man. It would be well advised to take off the whole day before the wedding if you can, and don't forget that you may have some wedding duties to attend to after the wedding as well.

More tips and advice on best man duties can be found on this website: bestman help and duties > 


The first official NZStag blog!

11th November 2008

Well it's been over 3 years now since the idea of starting a stag party company to help the best man sprung into our heads. We can remember asking a few people what they thought about the idea and most thought it was pretty cool.

It's been harder than we imagined to be honest, but the business is now ticking along really well. We've also met heaps of awesome people that we never would have otherwise so that's been a massive bonus.

We've been lucky enough to work with MTV, The Rock, ZM, The Edge, and when we chained the Asian Stag up outside the U2 concert we had a chat with Dai Henwood and starred on C4TV. That was a good laugh.

We've sold lots and lots of t-shirts, stag bags and other stuff over the past year, run a tonne of stag parties and pub crawls, and we've had lots of feedback about how helpful it's all been with ensuring stag humiliation and good times with his mates.

All and all we know we've helped lots of best man with their responsibilities.

Gareth and I thought it was about time we started a stag blog, as that's what people tend to do these days on websites. We'll provide tips here and there directed at helping the best man with his duties, particularly the stag party and best man speech prep

Steve & Gareth




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