Tasked with organising the Stag Party?

Tasked with organising the stag party?

The stag do, once-upon-a-time a relatively simple and straight-forward exercise - is now one of the most demanding responsibilities the best man has to take care of during the wedding campaign.   


Running a stag do takes planning, organisation and committment. Get the stag do wrong and you'll have egg on your face.

That's why NZStag have created the "Stag Party Toolkit" - guaranteed to save you time, make you look good and help you create the ultimate stag party.

Download the NZStag Stag Party Toolkit here:

NZStag Stag Party Toolkit >


Stag Party Planning

Don't let your best mate down, it's a once in a lifetime for him, he's chosen you as his best man, so put some effort into it give him the send off he deserves.

So if there is going to be a stag party of some sort, what must be decided?

Important questions you need to ask yourself are:


Where is the stag do going to be?

Getting everyone together in a central location may be easier if some staggers have to travel from all over the country.

You also need to think about the activities available in each location, and what sort of stag do the groom would like to have.

Some pubs and venues like having stag parties, others are not so keen so make sure you check first. There's nothing worse than showing up to a pub in the middle of no-where and getting turned away. 

If the groom is planning a big one, and you're about to deliver a serious dose of public humiliation, then perhaps it's better to get him out of the town/city where he lives to protect his reputation!

Other important things to consider are the cost of travel, cost of the activities, food and accommodation, and how much time you have before the wedding. 

What's available in the different New Zealand locations?

To see what sort of activities are available around New Zealand, it's definitely worth taking a look at the NZStag Directory - it's got loads of different businesses listed in it from all over New Zealand that cater for stag parties, and you can create yourself a shortlist of ideas to email yourself and then forward on to the fellas for feedback and buy-in.

Take a look at the NZStag Directory here >

- oh yeah, it's FREE for you to use by the way


What sort of stag party is it going to be?

Firstly, it's the groom's stag do, so make sure you choose something HE will enjoy and remember fondly.

Secondly, are you going to have a simple stag night out, or are you thinking of organising stag do activities locally, somewhere else in the country or even overseas?

How much time do you have before the wedding?

Time may be a deciding factor. If it's just a few drinks or a meal with some friends then you probably don't need to do much planning in advance. But if you are thinking of a classic stag party pub crawl in town, a day of organised activities, or a weekend away then you can't begin too soon. 

Bookings may need to be made well ahead of time so get cracking!

It's always good to allow a few weeks at least to get the email banter going and get everyone amped! It's a great way to get the groom a bit worried about what is being planned for him :) 

How can NZStag help?

We offer both classic stag do pub crawls in Auckland combining great bars, pubs, deals and discounts for your stag night, as well as New Zealand stag do packages for weekends away with more organised activities, transport and accommodation.

Looking for stag do ideas? Check out the Directory!

To get some more ideas for your stag do, it's definitely worth taking a look at the NZStag Directory - there's lots of different businesses listed in it from all over New Zealand that cater for stag parties, and you can create yourself a shortlist of ideas to email yourself and then forward on to the fellas for feedback and buy-in.

Take a look at the NZStag Directory here >


What will we do to the groom?

The truth of the matter is this - the groom is expecting to be dealt some sort of punishment, public humiliation or inconvenience at his stag do, so do not let him down - he will secretly be disappointed if you don’t.

However, you need to judge what the groom can and cannot handle, don't take it too far as you want him to enjoy the experience. It's your job as the best man to assess the situation.

If you are not going to tell the groom until the last minute what you have planned, you may be more limited in your choice about what you can do to him.

It’s a good idea to get input from the staggers as early as possible as they are bound to have some good suggestions.

How can NZStag help?
Check out the stag party shop!

The stag shop is perfect for saving the best man time and hassle. It will make him look good at the click of a button!

We have created some great stag party checklist t-shirts to help get the stag do going and keep the focus on the groom. We have also created the 'stag bag' which is filled with all the essential stag night accessories for a fun-filled occasion. And we also have baar-bara the blowup stag sheep. Say no more.

Stag Do Humiliation Ideas

Just in case you're struggling for ideas on how to humiliate your groom at this stag weekend, we've made a list of options for you to consider and get you thinking. 

Stag do punishment, pranks and humiliation ideas > 


When will the stag event be held?

That depends on what is planned. These days it's strongly recommended that the stag party is not held the day before the wedding. You don't want the groom, the best man, the ushers, and many of the male guests to be half-asleep and hungover on wedding day.

If you are planning a stag boys weekend away, then the trip should be held at least a week before the wedding, You need to keep a safety margin just in case something unpredictable happens.

Other things you need to check before you confirm a date:

  • Can everyone make it?
  • Are there any weather implications?
  • Is there anything going on that day you should be aware of?
  • Does it clash with other events?
  • Is it a public holiday?
  • Will it work with ... the bride! (definitely check this one out)


Who is going to organise the bucks night?

99% of the time it's the best man who organises the stag party. Sometimes the best man is overseas or needs some help so he may call on the help of the groomsman or another close friend of the groom.

Organising the stag event will take some work. Someone will need to research possible activities, organising possible transport and accommodation, collect the funds, make phone calls, send emails and keep all the participants informed during the planning period.

If you really don't have time to attend to all this, then step back and pass the 'buck' (no pun intended) to someone relaible who has.

The key thing is that the groom deserves a good stag party, and it should be properly organised.



Who is going to come to the stag party?

It's generally up to the groom to choose who comes to his stag do, unless it's a surprise for him.

The groom may send out invitations himself, or he might ask you to send them out on his behalf. make sure you ask him for a list of everyone he wants to come and get all their contact details as you're going to need them.

Most invites are done verbally, or through email. No need to get all formal with invitations - leave that to the chicks for the hens party.
Things to think about when making up the stag party list:

  • Will everyone get on together?
  • Will anyone feel left out?
  • Will there be cliques?
  • Is everyone you are inviting likely to enjoy the same type of sport, activity or event?
  • Does everyone drink?
  • Is everyone willing to pay the same amount of money towards the stag do?

Are fathers invited? What about the father of the bride?

It's probably the case these days that fathers do not expect to be invited to the stag do, especially if it's a weekend away with the boys. To a great extent it really depends on the fathers themselves though.

Things to consider:

  • Would they fit in with the rest of the staggers or not?
  • Could they perhaps come along to the early part of the stag party during the day?
  • Does the groom actually want his old-man or future father-in-law there?



Who pays for what on the stag do?

The costs are usually shared, and the groom's costs should be spread evenly amongst all the staggers.

At a pub, you as best man might buy the first round of drinks, and then others buy later rounds.

The best man (or whoever is organising the stag do), needs to make sure that everyone knows in advance what they will be expected to pay for, and if possible the approximate amount they will be expected to pay. This will avoid embarassment on the night.

Some helpful hints:

  • Get the staggers to commit up front so you can budget
  • Get in touch with them early and highlight the expected stag party finances
  • Keep in mind that some people may drink more than others and may resent having to pay more than their fair share
  • Try and get advanced funds paid into a stag fund / kitty to save you hassle on the actual day

However you organise the payments is up to you. Whatever you do though, it's wise for the organiser not to end up paying a large bill himself and try to get the money back later on. That's a recipe for disaster!


Are there any special stag party dos and dont's?

Keep an eye on the groom!

Make sure the groom is looked after at all times. It's your responsibility to ensure he doesn't lose the plot, so help him not to regret anything!

It is a good idea to assign someone to keep an eye on him the - you can rotate this important responsibility amongst the group.

Don't let practical jokes get out of hand

Remember - not everyone comes from Gore!

What may seem funny at the time after a few drinks may seem a lot less funny or clever the next morning. Nothing should be allowed that will upset the bride, spoil the wedding or the wedding photos.

Don't force the stag to do anything he is not happy about - it's his special occasion so let him enjoy it 100%.

If the groom drinks too much (pretty much guranteed)

Do not let him contact the bride! It's better she doesn't know, as he may something stupid that he will live to regret.

Photographic evidence

Whatever you do, make it a stag event to remember. Definitely take lots of photos and vidoes, the stag will be keen to see them at some stage. Just be careful who sees them!


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