Stag Party Activity Ideas for your Stag Do

Below are some stag party activity favourites such as paintball, go karting, fishing, charter boats and claybird to help you as the best man decide what to do for you stag do.

Be an Organised Best Man!

Don't leave it to the last minute or you'll be sure to let your best mate down, and you'll look stupid in front of all the guys. The staggers are expecting you to have made some effort organising the stag do - as the best man it's up to you to take control so get to it!

Paintball Paintball 
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Paintball is an extremely popular stag party activity, its lots of fun and you get lots of bruises. Everyone loves it, and everyone can do it. Nothing beats the feeling of shooting an opponent 17 times and hearing him scream like a girl. Lasts around 2 hours, any time of year. Minimum 6 staggers for a game. Price adds up if you are a viscious buggar and go back for more paintballs!!  Dress the stag in a fluro vest and play "Hunt the Stag”. Make him wear gumboots to slow him down.

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Fishing Charter Fishing
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A great day out in the salty air for all the staggers. There’s nothing like catching a big game fish such as a marlin or a stag shark. Create a few competitions to keep things fun. Variety of options available from half day to fully catered overnight fishing charter. Plenty of qualified skippers, good cooks and experienced fishermen out there to make sure the stag reels in a beauty!!

Go Karts Go Karting
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An excellent way to start off the stag party with some competitive racing. Indoor or outdoor, its adrenaline soaked action. Strap yourself in for fast and furious karting carnage. You'll get a fair crack at testing your driving skills in at least two races. Winner from each race usually gets to race in the grand final. Make sure the stag gets to race in the final and have the owner remove some of the petrol from the stag’s engine without him knowing. Watch him come in a distant last.

Claybird Shooting Claybird
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The staggers will be stoked that guns were involved in the stag do. This is a good way to start the stag party off with a hit. Normally run as a 2 hour event, but it really depends on the programme you choose. Everyone gets a good go and you can create some fun competitions. Typically you'll shoot between 25-50 clays.

Quad Biking Quad Biking
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A sure fire stag party pleaser you can do in any weather. Petrolheads will love it. Awesome “through the woods” all terrain tracks out there to test your skills and see who the real men are. Give the stag the slowest bike so he consistently comes last in time trials. 2 hours, half day or full day options. Get on ya bike!

Strippers for your Stag Do Strippers
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A true best man will organise a stripper for the stag!! There are many different options available, it really depends on what the Stag deserves! Granny, Big Fatty, Hot Raunchy Strip-O-Gram, Saucey Bi-Russian Twins. Ouch. Definitely recommended!!




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